Artificial intelligence, a means of prevention but also a tool or “perpetrator” of crime, what legal responsability?

On NT Plus Diritto, an article by Andrea Puccio and Federico Moncada on AI, its risks and criminal implications, as well as its use as a crime prevention and law enforcement tool.

The increasing diffusion of artificial intelligence systems in the current socio-economic context certainly represents one of the most interesting challenges of the last few years, not only for entrepreneurs and stakeholders, but also for legal and criminal justice professionals, especially with regard to, on the one hand, the possible use of intelligent systems for the prevention and countering of unlawful phenomena, and, on the other hand, the commission of criminally relevant facts through (or by) such technologies.

The topic carries with it a number of practical implications: from a present in which artificial intelligence systems are increasingly autonomous, may there arise a future in which it will be appropriate to ask to what extent a crime is chargeable to the human and where, on the other hand, does it end up falling outside its sphere of control?

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