Artificial intelligence and criminal liability – Andrea Puccio interviewed on the Late Tech Show podcast

Andrea Puccio was interviewed by Gigi Beltrame in his podcast “Late Tech Show” on the potential criminal implications of using AI in business.

Risks arising from a “regulatory gap,” Andrea Puccio says, detectable at both the national and European level.

The European AI ACT will soon come into force, but will it be able to answer all the open issues?

In this context, the challenge is also complex on a professional level: assisting businesses will require the ability to provide preventive advice within uncertain and evolving parameters.

Not only. In addition to predicting the potential criminal act, how to identify-and thus protect-the chargeable person?
At the moment, the legislation does not provide answers, but it is essential that companies are empowered to use AI in any case by having preventive procedures and protocols in place.

The podcast with the full interview is available here (from minute 2.19):