October 14, 2023 | Evolving work, what perspectives for reflection?

On October 14, 2023, at the Politeama Theater in Manerbio, an interesting meeting was held entitled “Evolving work, what perspectives for reflection?” organized by Ucid Bassa Bresciana.
Among the speakers at the debate, in addition to Giuseppe Pozzi – Ucid president, Pierangelo Milesi – Acli provincial president and Sissi Cesira Rosselli of Ande Brescia, was our Andrea Puccio.

During the meeting, the evolution of the world of work was discussed and they talked about fair pay, work-life balance, evolution and new opportunities, but also about work organization, price increases and Artificial Intelligence.

During his talk, Andrea Puccio addressed the issue of minimum wage, the crime of caporalato, and the interpretation of the concept of “fair pay” proposed by criminal jurisprudence.