Minimum wage, experts: ‘pitfalls even in collective bargaining’ – Andrea Puccio interviewed by Adnkronos

Adnkronos conducted an investigation into the minimum wage situation in Italy, a hot topic at this time, partly because of the confrontation between the government and unions.
Recent investigations on vigilantes have focused on what is now being called the new frontier of caporalato.

Andrea Puccio, interviewed on this phenomenon, now no longer relegated only to the exploitation of non-EU workers, said that “the Judicial Authority has deemed it configurable also in other sectors – such as food delivery and unarmed vigilance – at the occurrence of pay treatments deemed inadequate, although in line with the CCNL, with the consequence that it has come to criticize the legitimacy of collective bargaining, in cases where this provides for a salary below the so-called poverty line.”

The full article is available here.